About Me

Zhou Qin is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science Department of Rutgers University, his research interests include data-driven investigations with deep learning techniques, with specific focus on spatiotemporal data and related applications in urban computing, user behaviors, human mobility, and recommendation. He obtained his bachelor degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (# 2 worldwide USNews). He is currently under the supervision of Prof. Desheng Zhang.

Selected Projects

Project 1: Cellular networks with signaling log and user subscription data. (CellPred, MIFF, EXIMIUS)

Project 2: Nation-scale mobile bus WiFi system with diverse log data. (MIMU, Edge)

Project 3: SCC-IRG Track 2: Making Micromobility Smarter and Safer (M2S2). (NSF)

Project 4: S&AS: FND: COLLAB: Adaptable Vehicular Sensing and Control for Fleet-Oriented Systems in Smart Cities. (NSF)

Project 5: Real-time anomaly detection for IoT data. (Nokia Bell Labs)

Academic Services

Journal Reviewer: IEEE Communications Letters (2020), IEEE TMC (2020), IEEE Internet of Things Journal (2019), ACM TCPS (2018), ACM TOSN (2019)

Conference Reviewer: MobiQuitous 2020, AACL 2020, SmartCom 2020, UbiComp 2020 & 2019, DCOSS 2020, VTC2019, ICPADS 2019, ICCPS 2018, SenSys 2018, ICCCN 2018, SECON 2018, EWSN 2017


Teaching Assistant: CS205 Introduction to Discrete Structure I ('17 Fall, '18 Summer, '19 Summer, '19 Fall); CS211 Computer Architecture ('18 Fall, '19 Spring); CS314 Principles of Programming Languages ('18 Spring); CS336 Principles of Information and Data Management ('20 Spring)


KDD'20 Student Registration Award

SenSys'18 Student Travel Grant

Rutgers University Fellowship ('17, '18)

Honorable Mention of Mathematical Contest in Modeling ('11)

National Scholarship of China ('11)

People's Scholarship Awards of Harbin Institute of Technology ('11)

Outstanding Leader of Harbin Institute of Technology (1/1021) ('11)